Greek Stuffed Vines Leaves (Dolmadakia) are vegan and gluten-free deliciously soft and juicy small rolls made with vine leaves, stuffed with a delicious rice and herbs mix. Similar dishes are popular across Balkans and Eastern cuisine and called with different names such as Dolma or sarma.

Greek Stuffed Vines Leaves

A great delicious traditional Greek vegetarian appetizer made from vine leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs. 
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Greece
Keyword: vine leaves


  • 450 g vine leaves
  • 1 small onion minced
  • 10 tbsp medium grain rice
  • a handful of parsley
  • a handful of dill
  • 25 g pine nuts
  • 7 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp corn flour
  • 1 juice of 1 lemon


  • Soak the rice in a bowl with water for 1 hour then rinse it under running water in a strainer.
  • You can fry if you want for a few seconds the pine nuts in a frying pan over high heat then transfer to a small bowl.
  • Over medium heat place a pan with olive oil and saute the onion then add rice, parsley, dill and stir well then add water and let the rice cook.
  • When the rice is cooked set it aside and mix it with the pine nuts, add salt and pepper.
  • Place a pot over medium low heat with a few vine leaves at the bottom.
  • Lay the vine leaves on a flat surface and add a tsp of the mixture and fold the leave then roll it.
  • Place the vine rolls in a pot and add a plate on top to keep them from floating.
  • Add any other mixture left to the pot and add water to completely cover them and cook for 25-30 minutes.
  • In a small bowl stir well together lemon juice with cornflour then add it to the pot and add the olive oil. After a few minutes turn off the heat and remove the plate.

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