Banski Starets (Bulgarian Style Dry Pork Salami) is a traditional dry-cured pork salami with a delicious and rich salty flavor. It is made of prime lean pork loin seasoned with paprika, cumin, ground black pepper and other spices. This perfect appetizer originated from the Bulgarian region of Bansko in the Rila Mountains.

Banski Starets

Banski Starets delicious delicacy with rich salty flavor you can taste only in Bansko.
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Bulgaria
Keyword: Pork


  • 2 lb pork
  • 500 g slim
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • cumin
  • pork tenderloin


  • Cut the meat into very thin strips, then season with spices.
  • Using your hands, mix the mixture well and fill in a clean, washed intestines.
  • Once the pork intestines is stuffed, tied it with string and placed between two boards.
  • Place weight on top for about a month.
  • 30 days later remove the weight and hang the meat in a dry place.
  • Keep it hang for at least 6 months, then you can enjoy it.

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